CBS has cast Lucy Liu as Watson in “Elementary”


Further proof that CBS’ in-the-works Sherlock Holmes reboot will take the iconic franchise in a radical new direction: The network has cast Lucy Liu as Watson! 

TVLine has learned that Liu has been tapped to play Watson toJonny Lee Miller‘s Sherlock in Elementary, the network’s modern-day take on the famed detective saga.

Another key change: Sherlock and Watson now live in New York City.

What I actually like this decision though.



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    In theory, I like the idea of a female Watson. But since this the US, I just know they did this to allow for a straight...
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    MTE. No problem at all with Watson being a woman, only that Holmes isn’t ALSO a woman.
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    Shes hot.
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    I’m PUMPED! She was SOOOOO good in her “detective”-esque role in Lucky Number Slevin!
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    guy. My interest has declined. D:
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    what the fuck is this?????????????????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    I… am interested. No, shut up. I want to see what they do with this, how they try to make it work. They can’t possibly...
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    Aaaand, this is why I would rather, in a genderbend situation, have female!Sherlock than female!Watson. But female, POC...
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