i’m really gonna miss elecTRONica at disney’s california adventure a lot.

it combined Disney and EDM, how can it get more perfect?

it was amazing, being in the neon blue glow, playing 80’s arcade games, then coming outside and hearing skrillex, deadmau5, zedd, daft punk, and tons of other producers’s music i love being blasted to the crowd. watching laserman preform to the glitch mob, and having the costumed characters stroll around the area, giving it an amazing atmosphere.

all of that inside the disney parks, where my heart feels the most free and at home.

i think it may have been my favorite disney memory ever. 

it’s closing tonight, and i am going to miss it terribly. i was lucky enough to be able to go three times, but i still feel like it wasn’t enough. 

thank you disney imagineers, for making my dreams come true. i’ll never forget elecTRONica.

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posted 2 years ago
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